March 16 aries horoscope

Horoscope today: March 16, 12222

Remember, the wound caused by deceit is much deeper. Beware of causing permanent damage to your relationships. People might not be thrilled about being called out on their BS. Continue to play the role of a conscientious citizen. Fears and insecurities have a way of showing up when we least expect them. Continue to stay connected to your higher self. The truth is: there are more than a few things that are amiss at this point.

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Trusting your intuition will help you get to the bottom of this. Word for the wise: get your facts in place before you make your move. Sure, a breathtaking view and words of wisdom from a wellness guru never hurt anybody, but they can only point you in the right direction. You still have to do the dirty work. So start vibrating at the frequency of happiness.

Choose to live a life that helps you supports your growth and helps you be the best version of yourself. As always, you are in the charge of the life you curate. Single Libra, take your blindfolds off and see what is being presented to you.

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What if the one has been in front of you all along? Put your heart on the line today. Get ready to take a chance in love, no matter how uncomfortable it feels in the beginning. Partnered Librans, what you have it beautiful. Finding new ways to relate with each other will help you evolve as a couple. Cosmic tip: Take a chance in love, no matter how uncomfortable it feels in the beginning.

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You have gone to hell and back in the last week, but the voice in your head is reminding you that this storm is about to back. Crying over spilled milk has never been your style anyway. The silver lining: you have a clearer perspective on the life you want to build for yourself. Has denial been your preferred choice of drugs lately? Sagittarius, what you resist, persists. So, allow yourself to delve into the murky realm of emotions.

* The Pisces-to-Aries Cusp-Born Person -- March 16 to March 20

Confront the not-so-pleasant part of your subconscious. The key to your evolution lies in understanding where the fears are insecurities are stemming from.

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Cosmic tip: Confront the subconscious patterns that are coming in the way of growth and evolution. Self-love is great, but have you indulged in that endorphin rush? Word for the wise: stop glorifying the busy and start moving. Nothing will bring you more joy that nurturing your body temple and staying committed to your fitness goals. Support your mission by opting for foods that nourish your mind, body, and soul. Cosmic tip: Nothing will bring you more joy that nurturing your body temple and staying committed to your fitness goals. The thing about solo travel is that it liberates us.

It gives us wings. It reminds that we are in fact wild and free.

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  4. To find the balance damaged by this powerful planet, take the time to rest as soon as you feel the fatigue wins you. On the other hand, how about managing your time more calmly? Overflowing with activities is good, all right, but it can lead you to live in a constant dispersion. And it can make you lose your way, mixing which tasks and experiences are priorities, which are secondary and which are directly expendable.

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