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Just start writing down some notes or a letter and let intuitive impulses ow out. This is totally safe. If you keep doing this exercise in forthcoming issues, you might nd that you will start to build a much stronger faith and ability with your subtle impressions. At the very least you will get to avoid the strain and stress of learning to read someone face to face! You will receive your letters back with some brief feedback in a couple of months time That will be a nice piece of mail to receive, wont it?

You may be surprised how well you do, when you read what the person in the prole has to say about your impressions. In many cases these letters are in fact quite helpful to the individual so dont just sit there thinking. This is not hard. It is very simple. Here are a few tips if you would like some help to get started Be gentle on yourself and dont go pushing too hard or trying too hard. The more you strain the harder it will be.

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It is often a good idea just to get a few pieces of paper to write rough notes rst, it will help you to ow without caring so much about how you are expressing yourself in language or sentence structure. By doing some rough notes rst, you can scribble your impressions down quite quickly, because they dont come into your intuition slowly in fact sometimes you may feel like you cannot write fast enough. Remember that you are not trying to think but. If you would like to arrange your prole so you can receive the box full of psychic letters about you and also your future Send your photo and info to our normal mailing address, or email box the-psychic-club.

This section of P. And the best part is that you will be anonymous, unless you choose not to be by putting your name at the bottom of your letter. It doesnt matter how long or short your messages are! Dont be so shy, throw out that stupid doubt and just do it. Writing a few things down onto paper is only going to take ve or ten minutes and it will be a lot of fun. You may only want to do one instead of all three, that is perfectly ne.

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You will help your own progress and condence with your psychic faculties, plus you may help another person a great deal, more than you ever think. The key is: forget your inner doubts and simply let it ow. Dont be afraid to be denite - say what you really mean. You can use direct intuition, numerology, tarot cards, psychic power, an open heart or anything you like Use whatever method feels right to you. You can be assured that the person will appreciate your words a great deal. Here are some more ideas: clairvoyance, runes, soul instinct, telepathy, healing. You might even start automatic writing because you may begin to jot down a few.

Start writing and keep writing! Think that there are no limits to your ability because that is the truth if you feel in your heart that it is the truth. Get involved and absorbed. Lose yourself in the task. Some self questions which may help you How do you feel when you look into the photo? What type of person do you think they are? What general impression do you get of them? What do you think their past has been like? Where do you think they are going in life?

How will they feel in the future? Please note that no stamps are required on your envelope as this interactive section of Psychic Interactive is proudly sponsored by The Psychic Club.


All of your submissions will usually receive your letter or note back from the people seen in the proles with most of your points ticked crossed or breiy responded to Please note that you will only receive this response if you include a self addressed stamped envelope for the proled person to use. It has been a wonderful experience. Everyones letter was right in one way or another, it amazed me that so much could be sensed from a photo.

It was so hard to pick, but, congratulations to Barbara VanDeBrug. And a big thank you to PI for the chance to have this experience, I can recommend it to everyone.

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Pinh Chan. PI, Thank you to all those who took the time to answer my prole in PI. I had some pretty good replies. Just to mention a few who were pretty spot on. I hope to be that correct when using my psychic senses. My gift has been dormant now for many years. I am stretching it now.

Justine was nice enough to reply in a personal letter to me, which I value very much. It has been an experience not to miss, try it! Love n Light, Heather Taylor. Hello there. This is the editor speaking. At time of printing the response to this prole was yet to be received. It is sure to be on the way to us as I type.


The winner will be notied by mail and published in the next exciting issue of Psychic Interactive. Id like to ll this space by thanking Jim Sheard, Heather and Pinh for their participation.

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We are all dreamers. Dreams put us in touch with ourselves and allow us to recognise our hidden talents and potentials.


Many of us undervalue the symbolic language of dreams, but with a little effort it is possible to connect to our dream world again. Ultimately, each of us can be an expert at interpreting our own dreams because nobody else knows us as well as we know ourselves. There are many interpreting methods. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that the method you choose is less important than the personal meaning the dream holds for you.

To understand the meaning of a dream you must be aware of their value. Putting faith in your dream world is probably the best way to increase the likelihood of receiving the personal messages that they can hold. A dream can be understood in many ways, one way being as a simple process of memory manufacturing.

In this case, our dreams allow us to review information. Dreams also help us to process emotions that may have not been fully acknowledged or recognised in our waking life. Yet perhaps the most well known role of our dream world is as a bridge for messages between the subconscious and conscious. A dream can represent either the unconscious tendency to affect a change in a conscious attitude, or have no recognisable relation to consciousness. As we obviously have a complex matter at hand, over the next twelve months I will be taking one step at a time to understand this elusive subject matter.

The methods discussed will include good sleep, the dream dictionary, the dream journal, drawing your dream, puns and feelings in the dream, reliving it, researching and sharing the dream. There is obviously no way anyone can get into a really juicy dream unless they have a decent nights sleep. You can do this by listening to music that you nd uplifting, or talking quietly with a loved one. Reading can also be soothing as long as the material brings peace and relaxation to your thoughts.

Meditation is a brilliant way to calm chaotic thoughts and open the door to the clarity and inspiration available during the dream-state. Establish a sleep pattern by sticking roughly to routine times of retiring and waking up. Researchers believe the ideal time to be asleep by is before 10pm, and to wake between 6 and 7am. I think the best time to go to sleep is when youre tired. Avoid sleeping pills unless they have been medically prescribed, as they can radically alter the dream process.

Avoid alcohol and coffee at night as they can obviously interfere with a full night of restful sleep. It is important though to remain hydrated, so a small glass of water or herbal tea, like chamomile can be helpful half an hour before sleep.